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Tranquil Manor Foundation

Mentoring with a Father's Heart

Testimonials From Our Mentoring Family

My son goes to high school and I signed him up for reassignment. They declined my request for school bus service so I have to drive him to school and feared losing my job. The mentor went to the menteeā€™s school, talked to them about the problem and after one month they agreed and sent the school bus. I felt like a hundred pounds fell from my head. I really appreciate that, so I wrote this letter just to let you know the mentor program is amazing. It is making a difference in the lives of both the boys and their single parent.

Another example, I had a dentist appointment for my son. While, I was on my way home to pick him up, my car broke down. I called his mentor and explained the problem. He offered to drive them to the appointment. This is a wonderful, program. It's helpful on different ways. Thanks to everyone and may God blessed all of you.

This experience with the mentoring program has been a great asset to my children and personal life. Ever since we started, our mentor has been there for my two boys, checking up on them every Tuesday, taking them to new places to explore, listen to their concerns, encourage them, and empower them with new challenges every time they feel down or drifting away. I really appreciate everything he does for me. Last month I was in the hospital for three weeks with back surgery, he has done a great job of connecting with the boy in my absence. He reached out to us from the pantry to the transportation. My boys Tyler and Noah are so grateful for this program, according to them the Mentoring program allows them the opportunity to share and reinforce their belief in themselves as they progress in school and interact in their community. They are growing stronger psychologically, socially and physically. Thanks Peter for being an Angel to my family.


Ms. Smith,

Awesome Pics, especially the one with Mr. Lamman Rucker #Green leaf and these young men visiting the African American Museum. You have developed a wonderful program and I admire the dedication of these men who carve out time to spend with our young boys. My grandson looks forward to his outings and bonding with his mentor. I am grateful to God for you and your endeavors!

Help a young boy to succeed, become a mentor